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Commercial name: SerpeggianteCamal Beige
Type of stone: marble, limestone
A very fine-grained, strong banded, brown-beige limestone of the Cretaceous period with stylolitic veins.

  • Other names:Italian Wood Grain Marble,Italy Wood Grain Marble,Grey Wood Grain Marble,Serpeggiante Marble
  • Place of Origin: Italy
  • Type of Stone: Marble
  • Absorption: 0.2-0.35 0.55%
  • Similar stones: Trani Serpeggiante, Beige Banded Of Didyma (Greece), Daino Reale (Italy), Rubane (France), Travertines

Serpeggiante Marble has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance and is perfect, pretty much anywhere in the house. SerpeggianteMarble is a metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities and used especially in architecture and sculpture. This natural stone is highly durable and resistant to water and grease. Available in a range of gorgeous colors, marble has an attractive texture. SerpeggianteMarble is used extensively for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas along with other interior and exterior flooring applications.

  • Perfect for floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom, living room or outdoors.
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable

Marble slabs on sale, Italian Serpeggiante grey marble slabs in stock ready to ship , Good for cutting into bathroom vanity tops , inner wall panels, exterior wall tiles , inner floor tiles .

serpeggiante grey marble

Camal BeigeRecommended use of Serpeggiante Marble :

Exterior, Interior, Flooring, wall cladding , wall tiles
Water walls, fountains and water features
Bathrooms, spas, saunas and showers, Stone wall facing and panels,inner door surrounding, wall art decoration, wall decor

Stairs , wall skirts, borders

Fireplace , Bathroom countertops , vanity tops , artworks

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