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Serpeggiante Marble is also named Serpeggiante Grey, Serpeggiante white, white wood .

Marble : Serpeggiante grey Marble, white wood marble

Color : Grey , White

Use :Exterior, Interior, Flooring

Water walls, fountains and water features

Bathrooms, spas, saunas and showers, Stone wall facing and panels

Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops , vanity tops

Surface finish: Polished

serpeggiante grey marble tiles

Color and veins for Serpeggiante grey marble

There are twol kinds of veins for serpeggiante grey marble : straight veins and wave veins. The colors are in difference light and dark . As usual , serpeggiante grey marble in wave veins is lighter than staight vein serpeggiante grey marble.

serpeggiante marble tiles

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